Bimba – a game about interpretation and persuasion

Bimba is a game different from others that I have seen. As described on the box, it is a storytelling toolkit and a starter of social conversations. Did you ever go to an art gallery and look at the abstract art to try and match the image you see in front of you to the title? Then debate on it with your friends and see who makes the most sense? Well, Bimba takes the meaning of “fun” in that direction. But that by no means is a shouting, cheering party game, though you could take that route. You need to play this game in a relaxed setting with some time to spare.

Honestly the audience for this game is a bit different, interpretative and creative individuals. In my opinion, this game could be great ice breaker in corporate training programs, where respect for different view points and interpretations is very important.

The game components look really polished but what caught my eye was the beautiful and intriguing art on the cards, by Indian mystic artist The complete game looks like a collectors set.

In spite of being different, I don’t see a downside of buying this game. If you don’t like the game, you can always frame the beautiful miniature art cards and use it on your desktop for your visitors to try and figure out the meaning 🙂

Want to watch the video to see how it plays? –

Purchase it here at the Tacit games website