Mission Emission card game

Mission Emission is a card game for children above 7 years to increase their awareness about the environment. It can be played by 2-6 players and being a card game, is easy to set up and play. The play itself lasts for just about 20-30 minutes, so kids with short attention span don’t get bored.

The size of the box too is compact – just as big as a box of playing cards, so it is easy to take on a picnic to keep the kids engaged.

There are 2 games essentially – first type uses both – the point cards and the state cards. The other game is played using only the state cards, comparing one of the points on the state card drawn by the player and taking tricks based on the highest points.

Both are simple and easy to play so this game can be played by small children. While the game play is interesting, the role of states in the game is minimal and limited to stating the facts. I wonder if the states could have played a more active role in the game, at least for older players.

If you are thinking of gifting a game to kids between 7 and 12, this is a game to buy at Rs.399.

You can buy the game on Amazon

Do watch the video to check if the game interests you before buying it – https://youtu.be/W4GpW-pWy7s

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