Mission Pawssible

Mission Pawssible by NMZ Games is a 2-5 player card game where each player plays the role of a volunteer at an animal shelter. Their mission is to earn points by taking care of the kennel animals and getting them adopted.

it is a small compact size game that can be carried in your crowded backpack and is easy to set up and quick to play – about 30 minutes. The number of players needed to play is also quite flexible from 2 to 5. The graphics on the cards look very cute and adorable. However it is not a game for the very small. It says 14+ on the pack but children above 11 years should also be able to play.  The best part of the game is that the publishers have tied up with 4 animal welfare NGOs.  It is also reasonably priced at Rs. 400 with the added benefit that the part of proceeds go the mentioned NGOs.

If you want to gift to your animal lover friends, this is the ideal game to get.

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