Two games about the stock market

Today I want to introduce two games in India that are related to the stock market.

The first one is a game named “IPO – The Stock Market” from TGF Games, aimed at 10+ year old players.  Played by 2-5 players, this game involves buying stock from the broker and trading stock with other players. At any point, each player can hold stocks of up to 10 companies in the Indian market to play the game. You play 10 rounds and change the stock value, buy or sell stocks based on market news cards and their instructions. The player with the highest stock value and cash in hand wins the game. It is a pretty simple game but fun to play for younger children and educational in a way as it familiarizes the players with basics of stock market.

The other game is the “Stock Exchange” game from Zephyr. While it also works with the basic idea of buying stock and changing the value of stock based on market, it introduces a couple of new ideas like windfall cards and chairman or director tokens that can help influence the game in what is called “bargain periods” instead of the 10 straightforward rounds in IPO. This makes the game a bit complex to play for younger players but it also makes it more attractive to older players who may get turned off by the simplistic nature of “IPO – The Stock Market”. Each game can last between 30 to 45 minutes.

If you have played any of the game, do let me know what you think of them in the comments.

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