Zoodoo – another animal caregiving game

Just a few days ago, I covered Mission Pawwsible – a game which had the players competing to find shelters for stray animals. Today I am introducing another game – Zoodoo from Kadoo where you join the mission to lead different birds and animals to their enclosures after a big storm. You need to be careful though, as they all don’t get along well and you could be in trouble if they fight.

The board game some with many tokens and components that go neatly into the box, which itself unfolds to become the game board. Naaice! The game setup is simple but the gameplay does take a couple of play sessions to get used to it.

If you have children at an impressionable age (6+) and those who care about animals, this is a good game to gift them with.

Want to view the game play video before you decide? Follow this link

To buy the game go here – https://www.kaadoo.in. There is a special “spin a wheel” surprise for Children’s day 2021!

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