Hampi and the Sun Jewel

Find the Sun Jewel, build the landscape of Hampi tile by tile, garner the support of locals and win the game – Hampi and the Sun Jewel is a tile based strategy game for 2-5 players. I wouldn’t exactly call it a fast game as it takes 30-60 minutes to […]


Do you want to experience the hustle bustle of elections? Do you want to fight, scheme, manipulate your way to an election victory? Shasn (pronounced as “Shaasan”) is just the game for you. Created by Zain Memon, this kickstarter game has been reviewed by none less than Jamie Stegmaier and […]


Bruhaha (yes – not brouhaha!) is a party card game that is fast paced, competitive and fun – well suited to the party atmosphere. It also can embrace 2-6 people – not exactly a large number, but what’s a party game if you don’t have spectators cheering you on! You […]