Emulators and Fantasy Consoles

Ever longed to go back to the “good old days” of 8 bit machines when they had limitations on the screen resolutions, memory, hardware and the sounds to make a game? Do you suffer from retromania like me? Then essentially there are 2 ways. If you want to experience one […]


Do you want to experience the hustle bustle of elections? Do you want to fight, scheme, manipulate your way to an election victory? Shasn (pronounced as “Shaasan”) is just the game for you. Created by Zain Memon, this kickstarter game has been reviewed by none less than Jamie Stegmaier and […]

Luma World Podcasts

Interested in learning about game design and publishing around the world? Want to hear conversations on the board game scene in India and abroad? This podcast series by Luma World help you do exactly this. Watch and subscribe at – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLze0VaDzKl-K8t2NWNp7MvRmeuIl6o0uz

India Game Developer Conference 2021

The India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) is India’s premier game developers conference and is organized by industry volunteers, with support from corporates and the Telangana government. It is going to be conducted virtually this year and the entry is FREE! We have some really good keynote speakers including from Rovio, […]

Karigar-e-Taj Kickstarter

How would you like to play an important role in building the Taj Mahal and earn the emperor’s favour while doing so? Now you can do exactly that in Dice Toy lab’s latest kickstarter game “Karigar-e-Taj”.  From the visuals and the description, the game does look very interesting. If you’re […]

Chai & Games

In Mumbai and itching to play games with friends and strangers? Head over to Chai & Games – the board game cafe at Vile Parle. Not much is written about them on their facebook page but with plenty of photographs, it seems the place is favourite haunt of board gamers. […]


Bruhaha (yes – not brouhaha!) is a party card game that is fast paced, competitive and fun – well suited to the party atmosphere. It also can embrace 2-6 people – not exactly a large number, but what’s a party game if you don’t have spectators cheering you on! You […]


Target is a card game published by Ingenious Games. It can be played by 4-8 people and takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. Since it is a card game, it can be easily carried around in your backpack. It is a trick taking game where the players have to shuffle […]