The best beginner’s programming language? – Lua!

The internet is strewn with questions about the best first programming language to learn. Most of the answers point to Python, which many pointing to Javascript and some to C++. However all these languages are fairly large and hence do have a considerable learning curve once you advance beyond the very basics.

If one had asked the same question 30 years ago, the answer would have universally been BASIC, as that language was originally created at Dartmouth to democratize computing. So ideally one should search for the most BASIC-like language to start learning computing. I’m excited to that after a long time searching, I found the perfect language – Lua. Lua is a lightweight, high level simple language very similar to BASIC and has a shallow learning curve compared to other “first” programming languages. Once you are confident in Lua, you can proceed to learn and master the above languages in my opinion. Yes there is criticism, but I would ignore it, having tried my hand at the competing languages. And Lua has a secret weapon to make it msot enjoyable to learn (Code words – PICO 8 and TIC 80)

I’m going to tell you them in my next post if you curious folks haven’t already searched for them on the web. Stay tuned!

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